Year groups

Our school is organised into Year group ‘Teams’. These are now referred to as Infants and Juniors.

Each Team has a Team Leader who is responsible for the smooth operation of the learning within two age ranges.

  • Infants (Reception, Years 1 and 2); Miss Melhuish
  • Juniors (Years 3-6); Mr De Gruchy

Children start school in Reception (Foundation) and spend one year there before moving to their next class. They will then spend 2 years in that class. Children do not repeat any of the curriculum by being in the same class for two years as the school operates a two year rolling cycle of study. The class teacher really gets to know the children well in that time and employs a range of strategies to ensure the needs of all children are met through differentiated work.

Teachers recognise that some children need additional support, while the others need extending to meet their specific needs. Teaching Assistants are effectively deployed throughout the school to meet the needs of all groups of children.