Our curriculum overviews can be seen below:
Literacy Toolkits:
Curriculum Newsletters:
Below are the spelling rules taught to each year group:
Phonics / Reading Schemes

The Pearson phonics / reading scheme is used in Key Stage 1.

Below are suggested reading lists by year group:
The powerpoint presentations from the Y6 SATS parents information evening can be accessed below: 

SATS parents evening presentation – March 2016

Reading strand presentation – March 2016

The powerpoint presentation from the phonics and spelling information evening can be accessed below: 

Phonics and spelling evening presentation

The handwriting family picture is shown below:

Handwriting family picture

To find out more about the phonics sounds used in each phase see below:

Phonics sounds

To find out more about the Year 2 national curriculum tests see below:

National Curriculum Tests – Information for parents

The Maths presentation for Year 4 parents can be seen below:



Parents, or other members of the public, can find out more about the curriculum that the school is following by contacting the school office on 01242 674312.