On Tuesday 16th June, there was a real ‘buzz’ in school as years 3 and 5 welcomed a very special visitor linked to their science topic.

Mr Hunt, a bee keeper who lives locally, came to talk to us about why bees are so important to us and such a vital part of nature.  He brought with him an observation hive, where we were able to see the different levels of the hive, including seeing eggs being hatched, bees working, and we even spotted the queen with her special green spot on her back. It was truly fascinating being so close to so many bees.

We were interested in all of his many stories – especially the one about the bees who moved into a postbox! We now know that only female bees can sting and that as soon as a bee stings you, she will die – how sad! A worker bee will work flat out, without any sleep to make delicious honey for us, so no wonder their life span is so short – only around 6 weeks.

Thank you Mr Hunt, we will never eat honey in the same way again.