Cedar Class have just finished our ABLAZE topic!

We started by writing a narrative poem about the Great Fire of London. Please listen to us narrate it and we hope you like it.

The Great Fire of London poem by Cedar Class

We had a great visit from the Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service. We tried on firefighter uniforms and sat inside the fire engine!

Following the visit of the fire engine, we made our own fire engines using our knowledge of axles and wheels. Here are just a few examples.

Throughout the topic we studied the Great Fire of London and Samuel Pepys. We learnt a great deal. Finally, we had a Great Fire of London day when a travelling Theatre Group arrived.

After a fun packed time travel adventure to start the day, Daisy, who worked in the bakery on Pudding lane, helped us dress up in Stuart period clothes and taught us to square dance. A plague doctor also visited and gave Mr Hoyle some strange treatments!

We also met Samuel Pepys who told us how a fire-chain worked. We had a race, not with real water but with balls, between boys and girls. It was great fun and ended in a draw!

See all our photographs in the gallery below.

We loved our Ablaze topic!