“On 6th October 2016, Pine and Fir had a great Roman Day planned. Everyone was allowed to dress up as a slave, gladiator, centurion, rich roman lady/man, goddess, God, emperor and a peasant. We were doing it as part of our History topic”.

(Jack, Fir class)


“Year 3 have been learning how to play the violin. We have learnt that the red stickered string is A and the blue stickered string is D. We also learnt that the thickest string is G and the thinnest string is high E”.

(Molly, Pine class)

Volcano week

“After half term we were learning about volcanoes. My favourite lesson was when we got to write about our own made up volcanoes because I got to write my own facts and write about the eruption”.

(Noah, Fir class)


Chedworth Roman Villa

“Year 3 went to Chedworth Roman Villa. We saw a mosaic which was the longest in the UK. Year 3 dressed up as Roman slaves. Then Year 3 went to the Roman Bath House. They saw the caldarium and then the tepidarium and then the fridgadarium”.

 Martha (Pine class)