In March, year 4 went to the Dean Fields Study Centre in the Forest of Dean on a three day residential trip.   We had the most amazing holiday, it was the first time some of our children had stayed away from home so, a big adventure!

After arriving at the Centre, we had to haul our (rather large!) suitcases up to our rooms and make our beds.  This was the first challenge for some children!!  Over the next three days we experienced the delights of the Forest of Dean. 

A hefty trek up a swollen stream, tramping through sticky mud with water filled wellies was a tough but exciting quest.  We got to taste the delights of the forest, trying sorrel which tasted like apple and learning which nettles and mushrooms were safe to eat (but we’re not allowed to pick our own!).  After wading into a stream with fishing nets we were able to scoop up small invertebrate and inspect them under a microscope.  Identifying the different creatures enabled us to discover how clean the water was.  Having found a Stonefly Nymph and a Freshwater Shrimp, the water in this stream must have been was extremely clean.

After sliding down the zip wire, scaling a climbing wall like a lizard and exploring dark tunnels we were ready to solve huge problems like building bridges to get us across a stream safely, sort out puzzles with car tyres and get a golf ball from one location to another without touching or dropping it.   Phew! We were starving.  Good job they fed us like kings morning, noon and night. 

Our night walks were another adventure.  Starting out in the light of the evening it was pitch black by the time we returned, good job we had bright torches to show us the way.  When we got back to the centre it was time for bed.  MOST of us were exhausted and slept through the night, some of us didn’t, ask Mr Hoyle!!!

The children had the most amazing time;  embracing their adventure with resilience and courage, we were very proud of them all.