Meet the governors

Chair of Governors
(Co-opted Governor)

Mr Andrew Hiscock

Committees: Finance, Staffing, Curriculum & Standards, Premises




Mr Tucker

Mr Gary Tucker

Term: Whilst in post

Committees:Staffing, Finance, Premises, safeguarding


Parent Governors

Mrs Fiona Crouch

                                             Term: Jan 2018-Jan 2022

                                             Committees: Staffing, Curriculum & Standards


Mrs Rosemary Hoyland

                                               Term: Jan 2018-Jan 2022

                                             Committees: Finance 


Mrs Susan Crwys-Williams

                                               Term: Jan 2018-Jan 2022

                                               Committees: Premises



Mr Shane Griffin

Term: May 2017 – May 2021

Committees: Staffing, Curriculum & Standards, Premises


Co-opted Governors


Mr Richard Hoyle

Term: May 2019-May 2023

Committees: Finance


Sarah Badham

Mrs Sarah Badham

Term: May 2019-May 2023

Committees: Curriculum & Standards


Mr Christopher Dunn

Term: November 2018 – November 2022

Committees: Staffing, Curriculum & Standards


Mrs Clare Spiller

Term: May 2019-May 2023

Committees: Staffing, Safeguarding


Mr Jason Till

Term: March 2019 – March 2023

Committees: Premises





Mrs Jocelyn Knight

LEA Governor

Term:  June 2019 – June 2023

Committees:  Safeguarding


Staff Governor

Mrs Rebecca Meadows

Term: May 2019 – May 2023

Committees: Curriculum and standards

Clerk to Governors

Mrs Rieta Lombard

Business and Pecuniary Interests

No Governors currently have any business or pecuniary interests recorded.

Governance Roles in Other Schools

No Governors currently hold any governance roles in other schools.

Material Interests

No Governor has any material interests arising from relationships between governors or relationships between governors and school staff.