Curriculum Statement

Woodmancote School has always aimed to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum, whilst ensuring that the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum are covered. We also seek to ensure that the curriculum is inspiring and relevant for pupils and provides sequential knowledge with firm building blocks.

In 2019, the teaching staff began to re-design our curriculum, to tailor it to our school and the wealth of learning to be gained in our local area, on the outskirts of Cheltenham and at the foot of Cleeve Hill. As a result of this re-design we now have a curriculum which specifically meets the needs of our pupils. Curriculum documents outline the content in each subject. 

Parents or other members of the public can find out more about the curriculum that the school is offering by emailing the school office in the first instance.

Below are our guiding principles:


A curriculum that creates sympathetic, tolerant, open minded pupils who belong firstly at Woodmancote School or Little Chestnuts and also in a diverse global community

Woodmancote School shows children the opportunities and cultural wealth in the local community 

Our learning is driven by real and practical experiences and that children enjoy


A curriculum that opens children’s eyes to possibilities for their futures and prepares them for life in modern Britain

A school experience that responds to current events and inspires them to make a difference in their society


We enable children to learn and retain important knowledge

We encourage achievement and promote good outcomes for pupils

Our children thrive and develop their own particular talents

Our Curriculum

Fulfils the statutory requirements of National Curriculum and provides experiences and opportunities that are appropriate to the needs of children in our school

Is filled with memorable experiences, with diverse transferrable skills

Is broad and balanced allowing all children access to a wide range of opportunities

Uses the outdoor environment, active learning and encourages development of the school grounds

Builds in review and recall with progressive sequential learning

Promotes physical health and well-being

Safeguards children from harm by teaching about risks around drugs, unhealthy relationships, the internet, health 

Celebrates individual success and achievement 

Teaching and Learning

The learning is adapted to meet the changing needs and interests of different pupils and to take account of important current affairs events that occur. Teachers are flexible in their approaches and the structure of sessions meets pupil’s individual needs. Modelling and scaffolding are integral parts of the teaching and learning sequence, along with visual representations.

Has real life experiences and practical opportunities throughout all subjects, which include trips, visitors, WOW days, events and pupil leadership opportunities

Is delivered by well informed and enthusiastic teachers, who understand the sequence of learning.

Meaningful, individual assessments are made by the teachers and are used effectively to inform the next sequence of learning. Time is invested in ensuring that knowledge and skills are embedded and pupils broaden and deepen their learning when ready.

Is assessed, monitored and reviewed by subject teams

Outcomes for children


All children are happy at Woodmancote School

Learning is enjoyable, purposeful and rewarding

Pupils are confident and independent learners

Parents are happy and would recommend us to others


Behaviour and attitudes are outstanding

Children demonstrate our values in their behaviour at school

Pupils make informed choices about their own and the safety of their friends

Pupils are active community members in their school and know the contributions they can make now and in the future


Children achieve high standards, above national expectations

Disadvantaged pupils close the academic gap with their peers

Children with SEND achieve good outcomes from their starting points.

Pupils take pride in their work, are independent and achieve well

Our curriculum is carefully designed to ensure all our children achieve their full potential and are well prepared for the next stages of their education and their adult life.

As well as our own curriculum that is based upon the National Curriculum, we also follow a number of carefully chosen, published schemes, including Language Angels for French, Kapow for Music and Design Technology and Discovery R.E, alongside the Gloucestershire agreed syllabus, for Religious Education.

Our PSHE curriculum has been developed to ensure all our children have the skills they need to be a successful member of both our school community and our modern British society. The Jigsaw PSHE scheme gives us a foundation. Alongside this, and underpinning everything we do, is our commitment to support our pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development through our own school values of Belong, Aspire, Achieve.

Structured curriculum

All teachers work together to plan the year’s curriculum, using the National Curriculum’s programmes of study. Wherever possible, units of work are enhanced by hands-on experiences to allow our pupils to explore their learning. Research shows that hands on learning allows pupils to directly take on board and understand what is happening or how to do something. This is firmly embedded in our teaching – especially within our science curriculum.

Also, the non-core subjects such as art, computing and D.T. give children opportunities in practical problem solving and gives them their first introduction to future highly skilled trades.

Exploring our learning further afield

Trips outside of school are a way we can enrich our children’s learning opportunities, giving even more depth and value to the experiences they receive in their classrooms. They maintain the motivation to learn and also support the children in retaining even more knowledge.

Past trips have included the SS Great Britain, Crickley Hill, Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gloucester Cathedral

In Year 4 and Year 6, children are offered the chance to go on a residential trip. The Year 6 go to Whitemoor Lakes and spend time at The National Memorial Arboretum. These types of trips also have a huge impact on the social and emotional development of our children and help them to understand where they fit in to the local and national community.

Creating additional opportunities to enrich our learning

In recent years these have included:

  • Marking Mental Health Week
  • History Days, such as at The SS Great Britian
  • Keeping chickens on site
  • Outdoor Learning opportunities
  • STEM Weeks (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)
  • Planetarium Visits


Many of these activities include participation from local residents or community groups.

Our House System

On joining the school, all children are assigned to a House (Cleeve, Nottingham, Malvern or Leckhampton). Each House has a Year 6 House Captain and Vice-Captain and the aim is to ensure all children develop a sense of identity and belonging.

Inter-house competitions are extremely popular events in the school calendar.

The children love to represent the house they Belong to and we encourage participation as much as potential success.

The competitions are carefully organised so that ALL children take part in an activity that earns points towards the overall winner. 

In recent years, competitions have included cross country, Photography, Football and ‘Winter Wonderland’ shoeboxes.

The aim is to ensure there are a range of competitions that engage and enthuse children regardless of their interests.

Outdoor learning

Outdoor learning is an important part of our curriculum. Activities are carefully planned to compliment the unit of work being covered. The school has two trained Forest School Leads. These sessions are the perfect opportunity for children to develop their creativity, team work, decision making skills and their ability to assess risks.

All of the above contribute to our whole school curriculum and together, give our children an exciting and inspiring start to their education. Our overarching intent ensures that our pupils become sympathetic, tolerant, open minded pupils who belong in a diverse global community.

See the Outdoor Learning Curriculum Map.