Starting school guide

We believe very strongly that the Reception aged children should be introduced to school gradually. All children will initially attend school part-time. Some children will be ready sooner than others for full-time education. As a general rule most children are ready to attend school full time by mid October. Your child’s class teacher will discuss when your child is ready for full time education with you during the first few weeks of school.

Download the Welcome Booklet 2019.

Preparing your child for school

When the children start school we hope they can:

  • Dress and undress themselves unaided i.e.
  • Turn clothes the right side out
  • Put shoes on correct feet
  • Do up buttons or zips on school clothes.

If your child is unable to tie up shoe laces, it is better to buy slip-on/Velcro shoes.

  • Recognise their own clothes, shoes and P.E. bag.
  • Remove outer clothing and hang it up neatly.
  • Use the toilet without supervision including knowing that he/she should ask to go whenever necessary, flush the toilet and wash and dry his/her hands afterwards.
  • Tidy and clear away toys and games.
  • Wipe their nose.
  • Respond to the instructions of an adult.
  • Know and recognise their own name.
  • Use “please” and “thank you” appropriately.
  • Open their sandwich box and manage their drink container.
  • Use a knife and fork.
  • Listen to a story quietly.

When your child is used to school routine he/she may wish to stay to lunch. We endeavour to make meal times as happy and relaxed as possible, whilst maintaining a high standard of table manners. Hot lunches are cooked on site by Edwards and Ward.

The Coalition Government is funding Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) for all Infant children. Your child will be asked each day whether they would like a hot meal or not and given a vegetarian or meat choice.

Packed Lunch

Packed lunches may be brought to school. Please make sure containers are secure and named.


Please telephone the school first thing in the morning each day your child is absent from school, or complete the absence form via the website. If a child does not turn up before 9.15, a letter is sent from the class teacher to the office who will then make contact with you to find out where your child is.

Holidays in Term Time

We do not automatically authorise absence from school and are unable to authorise any holidays.
We do request that you inform us of any absences due to family circumstances.


The school is not obliged to administer medicine, but we do recognise that asking parents to come to school to administer a prescribed dose is not always realistic. If you need to request your child’s class teacher to administer medicine during the school day, please ask the teacher for a medicine administration form which you will need to fill in.

Lost Property

Named items are returned to the child. Un-named items are collected and taken to the school office. Please ask if you are unable to find missing articles.


We use Parentpay for school trips etc and many parents find keeping their account ‘topped up’ an easier way to manage payments throughout the year.

Break Times

Children in Reception have a designated play area they can use at playtimes. When they feel confident enough they may want to join the other Key Stage 1 children in the main playground.

Through the National Fruit and Vegetable Scheme all Infant children are given the opportunity to have a piece of fruit each day. This may be a carrot, an apple, a banana, a satsuma or a few tomatoes. We will encourage children to eat the fruit or vegetable available each day, but will obviously not force them to. If you would prefer to send your child with a piece of fruit or vegetable, then please do so. No other form of snack is permitted at break time. As the children are not allowed to take wrappers or bags out into the playground it is best to send their snack in a named pot.

Milk can be ordered through Cool Milk, via their website.


Woodmancote School Uniform

  • Grey trousers, skirt or pinafore
  • White shirt, blouse or polo top
  • Bottle green sweat shirt, jumper or cardigan with the school logo on
  • Green and white summer dress
  • White/grey socks or grey tights
  • Black/Dark shoes

P.E. Kit

  • House Colour T-shirt with school logo on
  • Black Shorts
  • Trainers

Please bring to school

  • Book Bag (named) – your child will be provided with a clear plastic wallet. If you wish, green book bags with a carry handle can be ordered.
  • P.E. Bags – each child needs a named draw string bag for P.E. kit. It should contain:-
  • T-shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Trainers, all named
  • Painting overall – Bought plastic apron or an old shirt, worn back to front. Fit a Velcro fastening, shorten sleeves and thread elastic at the wrists.
  • Lunch box and drink (named) – even if your child has a school dinner you might like to provide a drink for playtime. You might also want to send in a drink of water each day, to which your child will have free access.
  • Spare clothes – in case of an accident please provide a spare pair of pants, socks, trousers/or skirt in a small named bag which can be kept on your child’s peg.

Please label all items clearly with your child’s name, even down to shoes and socks!


Daily timetable for Reception Children

The school day starts at 8.45am. Children may come in to class from 8.40am onwards.

Most children have a positive attitude towards coming into school and leave their parents happily. If, however, your child is upset it is best to leave as quickly as possible once they are with their teacher. Prolonged goodbyes can be even more upsetting. Upset children tend to settle happily after a few minutes of joining in with the class routine. A phone call when you get home may help reassure you if you are especially worried.

  • 8.45 am Registration
  • 8.50 am Assembly in Hall
  • 10.30-10.45 am Morning break
  • 12.15 pm Lunch break
  • 1.15 pm Afternoon school starts
  • 2.20–2.30 pm Afternoon break
  • 3.15 pm End of school day

Children will be allowed out of the classroom when their class teacher can see whoever is picking them up. Our Reception teachers are always happy to talk with you but as they are busy preparing for the school day before 9 am, they prefer to talk after school for all but the shortest of conversations.