School Performance

In our most recent Ofsted review, Woodmancote School was marked as being a good school.

  • Pupils make good progress through the  school to reach above-average standards in their work by the time they leave in Year 6.
  • Teaching is good and pupils are given a clear  understanding of how to improve their work,
    especially in writing.
  • The headteacher and deputy headteacher give a clear steer to school improvement and  in raising pupils’ achievement. They have provided additional guidance and training for
    teachers that have successfully improved the quality of teaching through the school.
  • The governors have made good progress in using the information they are given about the school’s performance to challenge the staff and support improvement.
  • Pupils enjoy school and want to do well. They attend very regularly.
  • They behave well in lessons and around the school.


You can read the report in full and download a copy from the Ofsted website. Visit our page here.

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