Welcome to Woodmancote School

Our school is a community based village school. We take pride in our distinctive personality, in our values, in our history, in what we have achieved for your community, its children, and its parents.

I have had the privilege of being Head Teacher at Woodmancote for 10 years. We are an established school with a proven track record of excellence and achievement. We have an experienced, capable and stable leadership team. We attract, develop, and retain the best quality teachers and staff. All of our staff and teachers aspire to the values and high standards we have for your Child.

Our role is to ensure that your Child Achieves the very best they are capable of achieving, that they feel they Belong in our school, in your community, in the wider world and that they see the world as full of opportunity that they can and do Aspire to.

Mr G. Tucker, Head Teacher.

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