What your Child will be learning

We teach the full National Curriculum as well as multi faith religious education and citizenship. We make the curriculum interactive, fun and relevant to your Child. We know that is how to draw the best out of them. We focus on your Child’s artistic, social, emotional and physical development as well as their intellectual development.

We take a cross circular approach where activities incorporate different learning disciplines and organising teaching of key skills across the following areas:
• Communication (English)
• Mathematical Understanding
• Scientific and Technological Understanding
• Creative Development (Art, Music, Dance and Drama)
• Health and Well Being (P.E., Outdoor Education and Personal and Health Education)
• Geographical, Historical and Social Understanding (including French).

We are ambitious for you and your Child and what your Child can achieve.

Your Child will be assessed throughout their time with us to ensure that we are supporting and challenging them in equal measure, and that we can talk to you and your Child about their learning and progress. Most assessment is informal and part of the normal classroom routine. Formal statutory assessment is also undertaken, in Reception, Years 2 and 6, as well as a Year 1 Phonics test.

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