Meeting the needs of your Child

All children are different. Any parent with more than one child knows this only too well. Classes always have a wide range of abilities and different children develop at different times.

Some children are gifted readers or mathematicians from an early age. Some children have difficulty with learning. Some are talented in games, physical ability, art or drama. Some children have physical or emotional challenges that shape their learning and experience. Your Child may have experiences outside of school that mean their needs change during their time with us.

Our role is to achieve the very best for your child, for each and every child.

We have a variety of methods and strategies to develop each child’s individual potential. At times a whole class may be taught the same lesson. Groups may be arranged in ability sets, in cross year groups, in friendship groups, or House groups. At other times children may be split into groups so that each child can be taught at a level appropriate to their particular requirements.

We have dedicated and trained teachers and teaching assistants to support your Child whatever their needs and challenges.

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