Our Values

Clear values are as important in your Childs’ school life as they are in their home life. Our values have been in place, developed and refined for over 40 years. They guide our teaching, the way we manage and govern our school, the way we expect your Child to behave and the way we partner with you as parents.

These are not slogans to us. They are an important part of our school’s distinct personality:

Your Child’s sense that they Belong to a thriving local community and a national and international community: Where responsibility goes hand in hand with discovering who they are and where they fit in the world. Your Child will; visit local churches, Synagogue, and Mosques; experience people from a range of cultures and backgrounds; participate in themed days and activity weeks to learn more about their own community, other communities and cultures, the wider world and current cultural issues.

For your Child to see the world as full of endless opportunities they can Aspire to. To develop skills and knowledge that enables them to lead the full and meaningful lives you and they Aspire to. Your Child will visit a range of places as diverse as the National Memorial Arboretum, the Cheltenham Festivals, the SS Great Britain and Cotswold Wildlife Park. They will also have the opportunity to meet people form a range of backgrounds and fields as diverse as engineers, Bee keepers and authors.

Give your Child the very best start to their academic lives through a stimulating, supportive and challenging curriculum. We will ensure that your Child is supported and challenged at the same time, clear expectations and relevant activities planned by the class teacher.

Your Child will be encouraged to feel positive about who they are and what they may want to achieve. They are supported in this by the ethos of the school that aims to help children gain a sense of self-worth.

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