Exciting times for your Child at Our School

We are excited about our future and the future of your Child. We have high, and ever growing, aspirations for our school and for your Child. We will always be ambitious for your Child.

We have invested heavily over the last few years; in time, in resources, in our people, and in our expertise. Our children continue to make greater and greater progress and achieve more and more.

We have long since been recognised for the writing and literacy achievements of our children (including by OFSTED). We are now being recognised for our Maths teaching and excellence and the achievements of our children in Maths. We have worked hard to develop this capability and to secure, and keep, the teaching talent required for your Child to really achieve and excel.

We have been at the forefront of developing maths teaching locally, across Gloucestershire as well as across Worcestershire and Oxfordshire. Our teaching staff work extensively with the “Maths Hub” at Balcarras School. Balcarras is a highly respected Teaching School, one of only several schools in the country selected by the Department for Education to develop maths teaching nationally and across the age spectrum. This has been, and continues to be, a great opportunity for us. It is a great opportunity for the achievements of your Child.

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