Reception have been extremely busy investigating an alien invasion this half term. We discovered that Zorb, an alien from Mars,  delivered an egg for us to look after. He wrote us letters, asking us about our families and what we do to be healthy – he was so interested about life on Earth! We posted our letters in the postbox, not forgetting space stamps!

The egg then went missing but was found by our caretaker in forest school! It had hatched, and left rather an awful mess behind. What an exciting half term, we do hope that Zorb keeps in touch with us and that the new baby alien has a happy life back on Mars! 

We’ve been busy in maths, learning strategies for addition and subtraction, making repeating patterns, learning about odd and even numbers and doubling, sharing and halving numbers. 

We’ve also been having a focus on being a good friend and discussing the qualities we like in our class mates.