Mock Trial

Year 5 – Cheltenham Mock Trial Competition

Throughout the summer term, a group of children from Year 5 have been preparing to represent Woodmancote School in a “mock trial” at Cheltenham Courtrooms. Their task was to analyse evidence, pose questions to witnesses and ultimately prove that “the defendant” was guilty of a fictional crime (intent to supply a controlled substance). On the day, we had to battle it out with an opposing school’s team who were trying to convince the magistrates otherwise. Despite the slightly intimidating surroundings of Cheltenham Courtrooms, The children expressed themselves with real maturity and confidently convinced the judge to deliver a GUILTY verdict!

This was part of a wider competition involving 10 local schools who all took part in their own trials. The judges awarded each school points based on their confidence, ability to think on their feet, the depth of their questioning and awareness of the case. On Friday, we were joined in assembly by competition organiser Lauren Bajdala-Brown JP and The Secretary of State for Justice, Alex Chalk. The children were absolutely over the moon to find out that Woodmancote School had won the overall competition!

A huge congratulations to Erin Mc, Abi, Elsie, Aalok, Buddy C, Charlie, Meg, Evie, Matty, Lewis, Izzy, Jiya and Florence for their dedication to “court club” and the enthusiasm they showed throughout the summer term.