About us

Woodmancote is a ‘Good’ school (OFSTED) working towards being ‘Outstanding’. It is a school that clearly aims to inspire our children to ‘Belong’, ‘Aspire’ and ‘Achieve’ and these three words guide all that we do here.

Every child deserves the very best start to their lives and here at Woodmancote School, we aim to give all children the opportunities, experiences, support and challenge they need to become happy and active members of local, national and later, international communities.

Nestled between Cheltenham and Cleeve Hill, we are a large primary school that will give your child an experience that will establish firm foundations in terms of having a secure sense of who they are and what they can achieve, and a sense that achievement can take many forms and that each individual is valued and nurtured for who they are.

Our curriculum is designed to engage children with the world around them and our extensive school grounds are used throughout the year.

All children are treated as individuals here and we are proud of our provision supporting children who excel academically, in sport, drama, music or in other areas of the curriculum.

However, we are also committed to provide for children who may have particular challenges in their lives and for whom there is a need to build a bespoke provision around them.

We are confident that Woodmancote School will remain the ‘village’ school that makes it so distinctive. Quite simply, we are big enough to provide a full range of opportunities for our children, but retain the mindset of a village school where every individual is important and provision is built around them and their families.

Our Whole School guiding principles: 


  • A curriculum that creates sympathetic, tolerant, open minded pupils who belong in a diverse global community 
  • A curriculum that shows children the opportunities and cultural wealth in the local community  
  • A curriculum that is driven by real and practical experiences and that children enjoy 


  • A curriculum that opens children’s eyes to possibilities for their futures and prepares them for life in modern Britain 
  • A curriculum that responds to current events and inspires them to make a difference in their society 


  • A curriculum where children learn and retain important knowledge 
  • A curriculum that encourages achievement and promotes good outcomes for pupils 
  • A curriculum that enables children to thrive and develop their own particular talents 

Paper copies of anything on the website are available free of charge from the school office.

Mr G. Tucker, Headteacher.