The Performance of Our Children

Our school has always performed well for your community, its parents and its children. Our aspirations and our ambitions of what we can achieve with your Child continue to grow progressively.

In the language of OFSTED (and our last full report 2017) we are a Good School, moving towards being an outstanding school.

At the time, OFSTED highlighted your Child can expect to:

  • • Progress through the school and reach above-average standards in their work
  • • Receive high quality teaching
  • • Be given a clear understanding of how to achieve more (especially recognised in writing and literacy)
  • • Enjoy their school and want to do well here
  • • Be engaged in their learning
  • • Experience an environment where they are, and are expected to be, well behaved and to behave respectfully
  • • Belong to a school with strong leadership and robust governance

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